The Sage Sister Way

Giving Back

Sage Sisters is a San Diego based flower shop that strives to provide our patrons with the ability to buy beautiful flowers while helping a good cause. At Sage Sisters, we know the healing power an arrangement of flowers can have! We know that they can bring beauty into a space but also provide a gesture of care and understanding. That is why instead of throwing all of our day-old flowers out, like most florists do, we put them to good use. We donate our buckets of blooms, where they are then prepared into flower arrangements and delivered by organizations like the Radiant Hospice.

Our Flower Selection

We like to steer away from generic flowers at our store. Instead, we source and curate groupings of unique seasonal flowers daily. At least 30% of our flowers are grown locally and organically by San Diego-based micro-growers. What this allows us to do is give each customers an arrangement full of whimsy and wonder without breaking the bank.

Some of the flowers you will find on our shelves include: Dahlias, Zinnias, Poppies, Strawflower and more!

Made By Us

At Sage Sisters, we have a team of hard-working flower rockstars busy creating amazing bouquets and arrangements!

We are not like other companies that push those round mono-color single variety bouquets wrapped in plastic. Nope, we design with TLC here at Sage Sisters and it shows!

Each arrangement and bouquet is designed in our organic, "Just picked out of the garden" look, that takes more time and more love but we don’t mind doing it one bit.


We go the extra mile by hand-delivering all of our bouquets and arrangements because we think our flowers look much better out of a cardboard box and in someone's hands.