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Corsage and Boutonnières

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Flower Crowns, Corsages & Boutonnieres

Welcome to the Sage Sister’s collection of Wearable Flowers. From crowns to corsages and boutonnieres, we have that floral accessory to help you make a statement at whatever event you attend. Each bloom used in our flower crowns and any other piece is hand-picked from the freshest and most local selection available.

When you wear a Sage Sisters floral arrangement, you’re getting the kind of unique beauty that only SoCal flowers can provide. You’re sure to not only draw attention from onlookers but blend perfectly with the aesthetics of the event! Now, you may be asking, what’s a good reason to purchase a flower crown, corsage, or boutonniere?

Our first instinct is to say that any time is greater with a lovely floral piece. A flower crown for a Zoom meeting, for instance, or perhaps an adorable boutonniere to dress up your family’s dinner night out.

But maybe we should go into a little more detail of how these arrangements became as important as they are today, including what they mean when you put them on.

A Wearable Flower for Every Occasion

There’s really no situation that a thoughtful touch of flowers from Sage Sisters can’t enhance, but certain milestones in life call for flora. You may already be familiar that a corsage and boutonniere are commonly exchanged during prom season or added to the dress code of wedding parties. And a flower crown makes a distinguished headpiece for expecting spouses aiming to get married in style or in a way that reflects their personality.

But how did we get access to arrangements like these? What kinds of statements can they make in those moments most important to us?

The Origins of the Flower Crown

Your average flower crown actually has a rich history woven amongst the blooms and stems. In fact, the flower crown goes as far back as ancient Greece, where citizens wore them during special occasions to honor the gods. Laurel crowns were given as gifts to great warriors as a sign of respect.

They have roots in paganism, as divisive as that may be, and in many folk cultures in Ukraine and other parts of Europe. You could find a flower crown of orange blossom on a bride in ancient China or made in hippie circles in 1960s San Francisco. They’re so easy to create and reflect our connection to nature so well that they’ve been beloved all around the world for thousands of years.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

At first, boutonnieres were primarily used to distinguish groups of men from one another. In ancient Egypt, they pinned certain flowers to their clothes to support their sports team of choice. Then, during wars in England, soldiers determined friend or foe based on the color of flower stuck to their uniform.

Corsages in France were originally attached to the corset of a woman’s gown. At one point, people depended on the flowers in both corsages and boutonnieres to ward off misfortune and evil spirits. Of course, over enough time, society’s fear of ghosts all but vanished into the ether.

The flowers stayed, however, and corsages and boutonnieres became signs of importance and celebration worldwide. Your Sage Sisters piece can separate you from the crowd with a splash of color that tells everyone you’re experiencing something particularly important.

The Meaning of Flowers

At Sage Sisters, flowers mean everything to us. But did you know there’s a language to flowers that speaks volumes if you take the time to study it? Even something as simple as a rose says several things depending on the color you choose.

Likewise, a white rose, like the sort you’d find on our Cream Flower Crown, is said to represent reverence and purity一a clean start on your way to a new beginning. Red, of course, is an icon of love as a whole. But we can’t ignore the desire for an orange rose or its lavender cousin that embodies love at first sight.

The “Rules” of Flowers

The supposed etiquette around flowers differs depending on the occasion and what arrangements you’re working with.


Modern corsages are meant to go on your date’s left wrist, and both they and boutonnieres are best when matching the colors of your outfit or the palette of an event. If you aren’t certain of the colors you’ll be seen around, shades of white or cream are neutral enough to fit in anywhere.

Flower Crown

The flower crown is still a point of contention amongst wedding planners. Some think it may not fit in with the event’s theme, but most acknowledge their growing popularity amongst couples walking down the aisle. The only legitimate concern for these beautiful blooming accessories is the placement and quality of the blooms. One should also consider the weather if the ceremony is scheduled to happen outside.

At Sage Sisters, we take these rules with a grain of salt. Flowers don’t follow the conventional and sometimes crushing rules of human society. They don’t wilt and turn into ash when they touch a certain gender or get brought into the wrong event. Our flowers stay beautiful regardless of where you bring them, just like you.

The Variety We Offer

We carry a lot at Sage Sisters. You can get a bouquet for any occasion and in any burst of color that you could think of. And we have potted plants ranging from succulents to a selection of ferns. If you’re looking to give one of our arrangements as a gift, you can pair them with anything from candles to balloons, cookies, and chocolates of all kinds.

For our wearable flowers, we can give you your choice of a flower crown, corsage, or boutonniere. We offer similar palettes for all three of these varieties, allowing you to match with your partners or the tone of the event as a whole. On the other hand, the color choices we provide are striking enough that you can order multiple arrangements for couples or groups and still have them each stand out on their own.

Flower Crowns

Our flower crowns come in a variety of hues. Much like the rest of our wearable collection, the exact blooms we use will differ depending on the season and which flowers are the freshest and most accessible at the time. But the colors are an ironclad promise when you place an order.

Our White and Cream Flower Crown will also come with a beautiful array of white and cream flowers paired with striking greenery. If you order them during the summer, you might spot a daisy or a hydrangea, while a White and Cream Flower Crown made in the winter might sport a white rose or carnation. We make a point to find the best that San Diego has to offer so we can create a fresh and heavenly accessory for you or a loved one.

Our flower crown ties in the back with a ribbon and should easily fit any adult head. And if this is for a little one, you can specify that in your order, and we will design a smaller crown to accommodate them.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

We like to be accommodating, so at Sage Sisters, we design both traditional and cuff corsages. A cuff corsage is set on a brass cuff that slips easily onto the wrist, while our ribbon corsages can be pinned to the shoulder of a dress just as they were in France all those years ago.

For every style of corsage, there is also a boutonniere to match. Our boutonnieres all come wrapped in a rustic-hued, unbleached cotton ribbon. Along with their feminine equivalent, SS boutonnieres cover a wide range of palettes. You can mix and match form:

  1. White
  2. Blush
  3. Sunshine
  4. Cheer
  5. Lavish

So whether you’re looking for bold shades of red and purple or gentle hues of pink and cream, there’s a look in our collection that’ll show off the colors you already bring to the world.

Why Choose Sage Sisters

At Sage Sisters, we know the value flowers can bring to yourself and those important to you. We believe that so certainly that we’ve made an entire shop dedicated to that feeling.

A long time ago, a flower crown was considered a testament to the gods. Imagine the power in that! The flower crown is tied so deeply into both culture and subculture, a rare feat from such a seemingly inconsequential weaving of flowers. But when you feel the weight of these halos and see your eyes peeking out from underneath a cloud of flowers and greenery, it’s hard not to feel that connection to nature.

And in events like weddings, corsages and boutonnieres are worn to do more than ward off ghosts (although, honestly, that doesn’t hurt). You can use your choice of flowers from Sage Sisters to say so much to yourselves and each other. Match them to reflect how you’re joining together as a team, or have them compliment but differ as a way of promising always to see each other as you really are.

These are the kinds of messages we work so hard to create at Sage Sisters. And what we can do that you may not find with other businesses around San Diego is work to design on your needs. And we do this by working with only the highest-quality flowers to create statement pieces that are bound to impress and give you a freshness and elegance only nature can bring. If you have a special request for your flower crown, corsage, or boutonniere, we’re happy to work around your vision.

It’s our hope to make it so that choosing which of our color sets are best for you is the hardest part of ordering with Sage Sisters. From that point on, all you’ll have to do is order, and the quick and hassle-free process is complete!

Ordering Online

The process of ordering your flower crown or other wearable arrangement is simple. All you need to do is select your preference and whatever additional items you may choose to pair with it. From that point, you pick a delivery date and where you’d like the order dropped off, or you can stop by and pick up your flowers yourself if that works better for you.

If you have certain special requests that need accommodating, you can contact us and speak with a designer in person to learn more about anything you need to know about ordering or customizing your wearable arrangement. We’re happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.

Once you’re sure you know what you want and feel ready to place your order, we’re available to do same-day delivery if we have enough time. That means all you have to do is lie back and wait for us to come and dazzle you!

Delivery Across San Diego

We’re proud of how much our coverage area has grown along with Sage Sisters and all our lovely arrangements. We cover all parts of San Diego and continue from Solana Beach to Chula Vista. Within and around a 20-mile radius of our location in San Diego, we deliver Monday through Saturday. And if you place an order before 1:30 p.m., we can deliver on that day if requested. Even if you wind up with an urgent delivery after that time, you can call us, and we will do our best to work something out.

For any order under $300, we offer a $14 delivery fee anywhere within our service area. If you order more than that, the rate goes up to $28, but it won’t go any higher than that.

Sage Sisters would be honored to be a part of the most important parts of your life. It could be a wedding, a birthday, or even a simple anniversary that holds importance to you. Regardless, our wearable flowers can make these moments into something even more memorable. So for your wearable arrangements and other goods, trust your Sage Sisters to connect you with nature, family, and friends.

You can contact us on the site for more information or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest!