Flight of Truffles 12 pc
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Flight of Truffles 12 pc

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Please note our truffles are made with NO preservatives, so the shelf life might be shorter than you're used to. See note below. A 12 piece flight of our delicious truffles; a selection of: Lavender Caramel, Vanilla Salted Caramel, Rosemary Caramel, Pink Peppercorn Lavender Blossom Caramel, Spicy Togarashi Caramel, VEGAN Not Peanut Butter or Jelly, VEGAN Dark Chocolate Truffle, Lavender Blossom Ganache, Spearmint Ganache, Espresso Ganache, Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ganache, Black Pepper and Cardamom Caramel, Old Fashioned Caramel, Chili Negro Caramel, or Ginger and Turmeric Caramel. Ingredients: 75% Organic Chocolate, Organic Heavy Cream, Butter, Organic Invert Sugar, plus Organic Ground Flavorings Accordingly... Size: 12 pieces Pack Size: 5 Shelf Life: 45 Days From Manufacture Date Hand crafted in Santa Barbara, California